The Retina Reference

CRVO - spontaneous resolution of fundus signs

The natural history of ophthalmoscopic fundus signs of central retinal vein occlusion is highly variable and is time dependent. A - Color fundus photograph of an acute nonischemic central retinal vein occlusion. Venous dilation is present in all four quadrants of the fundus together with intraretinal hemorrhages. A peripapillary cotton wool spot is present superiorly (arrow). The optic disk is edematous. An unrelated inferior peripapillary choroidal nevus is present that is partially obscured by intraretinal hemorrhage. B - Color fundus photograph of the macula taken at the same time as A. The macula is edematous as can be inferred by the lack of darker macular color (yellow oval). C - One year later most signs have spontaneously disappeared. Two small hemorrhages remain, one above and another below the disk (arrows). The optic disk edema has resolved as has venous dilation. The resolution of these signs occurred in the absence of any treatment, nor did optic disk collateral vessels develop. D - Macular photograph taken at the same tie as C. The macular edema has spontaneously resolved with return of the normal darker macular color (yellow oval).