The Retina Reference

Optic Disc Drusen with Pseudopapilledema

This montage includes optical coherence tomography (OCT), fundus autofluorescence, and standard automated perimetry imagery of a 25-year-old patient with Optic Disc Drusen (ODD). The OCT shows drusen deposits on the edge of the optic disc (red arrows). The deposits cause a form of pseudopapilledema; in fact there is no disc edema. Additionaly, the drusen can be seen as areas of hyper-reflectivity (yellow arrows) near the optic disc on the FAF. The standard automated perimetry of both eyes is normal. Although most cases of ODD are not associated with visual field defects, scotomas are possible. There is currently no treatment for ODD, however, this patient will continue to be monitored.