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Pathologic Myopia - Long Term Effects

Pathologic Myopia This 65 year old female has been followed for 10 years for pathologic myopia. This disease is characterized by elongation of the globe and deformed posterior curvature of the globe. Vision loss from pathologic myopia is progressive and irreversible. Her vision is currently 20/100 in her right eye and count fingers at 1 foot in her left eye. The green arrow in her fundus images shows lacquer cracks from breaks in BruchÕs membrane (the innermost layer of the choroid). An atrophic macular lesion is indicated by the white arrow. Optical coherence tomography images show separation of the retina layers and accumulation of intraretinal fluid in her right eye known as maculoschisis (red arrows). Her left eye eventually developed a full thickness macular hole caused by vitreomacular traction (yellow arrow). She declined any surgical intervention and was asked to return for a follow-up in one year.