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Stargardt Disease

You should look at the Normal Retina photo first for comparison.In Stargardt Disease, patients often develop yellowish flecks in the retina as shown in this photo. Later in life, the central retinal cells atrophy, leaving a cookie cutter zone of a different color. In this patient the zone of atrophy is lighter in color. Sometimes it is bronze colored with a dull sheen. Patients lose reading vision when the central retinal cells atrophy, but the peripheral vision is maintained. Further information on Stargardt Disease is found under the heading Information at the topic Stargardt Disease. Another name for Stargardt Disease is Fundus Flavimaculatus. Patients with Fundus Flavimaculatus always have the yellowish flecks. Patients with Stargardt Disease may not have flecks. They may just develop the atrophic zone. Nevertheless, although the two differ by presence or absence of these flecks, most experts think that they are the same genetically based disease.