The Retina Reference

Shallow Choroidal Hemmorhage

This 72-year-old female patient complained of sudden decrease of vision in the right eye upon waking in the morning. She denied a central scotoma or distortion. She had a history of uncomplicated cataract surgery with intraocular implants in both eyes, macular choroidal nevus right eye, and retina detachment repair right eye with scleral buckle. The visual acuity was 20/50 in the right eye and 20/25 in the left with pinhole. Three months before the vision in the right eye had been 20/32. The slit lamp was normal with IOLĂ•s centered and open capsules. The fundus exam showed a limited Choroidal hemorrhage (yellow arrows, panel A; purple arrow, panel B), and retina attached on the buckle. The patient was reassured that the hemorrhage would dissolve and to return to her primary eye care provider. One month later the vision had returned to 20/32.