The Retina Reference

Adult Vitelliform Lesion with 9 Year Follow-up

This montage of fundus images and OCTs taken of an 80-year-old patient diagnosed with Adult Vitelliform lesions for 9 years shows the natural history of the condition. The yellow arrows from the 2009 OCT indicate areas of heterogeneously reflective material in the subretinal space made up of cellular waste material, lipofuscin, protein, and fluid (the hyporeflective part). The green arrows in 2016 and 2018 highlight borders separating areas of outer retinal atrophy from more normal retina. The photoreceptors and retinal pigment epithelium have been lost where the vitelliform material was previously located. In addition, the outer plexiform layer appears thinner. A hyporeflective cavity that can be seen in 2016 (white arrow) is fluid. Besides the larger vitelliform lesions found in the fovea, smaller extrafoveal deposits of waste material are seen elsewhere (yellow arrows) in the color fundus photographs from 2008.