The Retina Reference

AZOOR (Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy)

This 77 year-old female patient presented with complaints of gradual decrease of vision and a seeing an “ink blot” in line of vision. Exam findings reveal visual acuity of best-corrected 20/20 OD and 20/25-2 OS. Anterior segment findings were normal with exception early cataracts. Fundus exam findings were normal with posterior vitreous detachment in left eye. Initial OCT results reveled peripapillary outer retinal atrophy in the left eye. Visual Field testing was performed and showed an enlarged blind spot in the left. (See Visual Image above; green circle). The patient was reassured AZOOR was stable at this time and asked to return in 6 months. The patient retuned for continued follow up with no significant changes. Approximately 1 year after first diagnosed, progression was noted with decreased vision in the left eye of 20/125