The Retina Reference

Von Hippel - Lindau Syndrome, Color Photo

You should look at the Normal Retina photo first for comparison. In Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome, retinal capillary hemangiomas can appear over time, requiring lifelong follow-up of the patient. The reddish spot in the lower part of this photo is an early hemangioma. It has a high blood flow as suggested by the more dilated vein connected to it. These hemangiomas should be destroyed when small by laser or cryotherapy. They are more difficult to treat when they enlarge, and can cause visual loss from leakage and scar tissue formation. This patient had a pheochromocytoma, one of a number of cancers and benign tumors associated with this condition. For more information, please go to the brochure on Von Hippel - LIndau Syndrome under the heading Information.