The Retina Reference

Commotio Retinae - Soccer Accident

This wide-angle fundus image (OPTOS) of a 30-year-old male patient with commotio retinae (also known as Berlin’s edema). Commotio retinae is caused by blunt - force trauma to the eye. This patient was kicked in the left eye while playing soccer. The patient noticed cloudiness in the lower visual field. The yellow arrows highlight areas in correlative superior retina that have suffered injury and show the whitened glistening of contused retina. There is no treatment for this condition other than watchful waiting and treating concomitant problems such as iritis or retinal tears, which were not present in this case. Symptoms may resolve over days to weeks. Sometimes recovery may be incomplete and a permanent scotoma may result. His left eye pressure was 14. It was recommended that he have an annual intraocular pressure check to detect delayed rise secondary to subclinical damage to the trabecular meshwork.