The Retina Reference

Toxocariasis with Ectopic Foveal Depression

This wide angle color fundus photograph was taken from the right eye of a 29 year old male patient with ocular toxocariasis . The visual acuity of the eye was 20/125. The yellow arrows indicate a retinal fold emanating from the optic nerve to the subretinal granuloma in the inferotemporal periphery. The OCT shows the retinal fold in cross section and illustrates the ectopic foveal depression secondary to the traction on the retina. The teal arrows indicate a zone of subretinal scarring; one is unable to visualize the parasite in these images, but pathological slides from similar cases show dead organisms. The patient reported that he awoke one day with a sudden loss of vision in his eye, but this is probably a mistake. A more likely explanation is that the patient had this problem for years, but only recently noted the problem.