The Retina Reference


Images above belong to a 78-year-old male who reported that he had decreased vision in his left eye since birth. His visual acuity was 20/50 in the right eye and 20/200 in the left. Fundus examination revealed peripapillary atrophy (yellow arrows) and fibrosis (blue arrows) associated with Toxocariasis, an infection caused by roundworms commonly found in intestinal tracts of dogs and cats. Those who are infected typically contract the worm by ingesting food or feces contaminated with ova. Black arrows point to the granuloma located in the peripheral retina where the worm has died. An excessive amount of fibrous tissue can induce traction thus the lamellar macular hole in the optical coherence tomography scan (indicated with red arrow) is probably a sequela of the infection and epiretinal scarring.