The Retina Reference

Advanced IJFT with Scarring

Above are frames of a fluorescein angiogram and an SD-OCT from a 66 year old male, diagnosed with idiopathic juxtafoveal telangiectasia (IJFT) in both eyes. Another name for this condition is macular telangiectasia. The right eye has a hypertrophic black chorioretinal scar just temporal to the fovea. This occasionally occurs late in the natural history of IJFT. Note the corresponding red arrows in the both the FA and OCT, showing the chorioretinal scar. The left eye, also with a history of IJFT, has a laser scar just superotemporal to the macula; note the yellow arrows in the FA and OCT. Also, note the difference in scar appearance compared to the left and right eye. The right eye chorioretinal scar occurs within the retina. In the left eye, the laser scar has effaced the retinal pigment epithelium allowing the OCT light to penetrate to the deeper choroid (green arrows).