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Blind spots and distorted vision with IJFT?

I have IJT. I am type two Diabetic with insulin, however, I am very controlled and show no signs of Retinopathy even after 14 years. I was reading about how the vision of people with IJT gets blurred but it doesn't say anything about blind spots and distorted vision. Is this also typical of IJT? This past year, I have experienced significant visual change and have even stopped driving after dusk or on bad weather days. I use magnification programs to do my computer work and magnification to read (not hand held devices) Can you please explain what I spoke of above?


Blind spots and distorted vision are common complaints of patients with idiopathic juxtafoveal telangiectasia (IJFT). The abnormal small blood vessels adjacent to the center of the macula cause thickening and distortion of the retinal tissue, which in turn causes the distortion you are experiencing. As cells die in the diseased areas, blind spots commonly develop, that are often patchy in nature, so that patients may experience drop-out of letters in a word or words. The relationship of IJFT to diabetes mellitus is controversial. Some students of the disease think there is evidence of a relationship, and others disagree. I think the evidence is inconclusive. In any case, the symptoms and signs of IJFT in those patients with and without diabetes are the same, as is the course of the disease. Make sure you monitor for changes in your Amsler grid. If you notice changes over the course of a few days, you should be checked by a retina specialist because you may be developing a subretinal neovascular membrane, one of the later possible complications of IJFT. This can be treated to limit damage using laser.