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Macular Pattern Dystrophy Progression Over Time-Color Fundus Example

These fundus photographs from a patient with macular pattern dystrophy show the typical evolution of the lesions over a 6 year timespan. In the pictures from 2006, the right macula shows a bulls-eye pattern with a central lipofuscin fleck surrounded by pigment epithelial atrophy (blue arrow). In 2012 this lesion has progressed to a round zone of pigment epithelial atrophy (pink arrow). Over the years, lipofuscin flecks in the mid-peripheral retina have become more prominent (compare yellow arrow of 2006 to green arrow of 2012). The left eye has a pseudo-hypopyon pigment level in 2006 (white arrow) that evolves over 6 years to a bulls-eye lesion in 2012 (tan arrow) that resembles the right eye lesion in 2006. Visual acuity in both eyes both in 2006 and 2012 was 20/50. The patient had many family members on her mother's side with similar findings. The inheritance pattern of macular pattern dystrophy is often autosomal dominant.