The Retina Reference

Macular Pattern Dystrophy Progression Over Time-OCT Example

63-year old female, being followed for several years for macular pattern dystrophy. Top set of SD-OCT shows a progression in the right eye. The 2009 frame (left frame) shows mild RPE atrophy, vision correcting to 20/50. Six years later, she returned for a yearly visit and follow up. Note the increased atrophy in the macula, along with a small cyst in the fovea. Vision decreased to 20/80 at this visit. The left eye, showing a more dramatic change, seen on the bottom of the page. The left frame, from 2009, shows a subretinal deposit in the macula, vision correcting to 20/30. Six years later, notice the deposit is gone, replaced by an area of atrophy, with vision decreased to 20/80.