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Stickler Syndrome with Vitreous Viels

These images were taken from a 27-year-old woman with Stickler Syndrome. The yellow arrows in the right eye indicate where laser photocoagulation was used to treat a retinal detachment. The yellow arrow in the left eye indicates similar treatment for retinal breaks, a common finding in patients with Stickler Syndrome. The red arrow shows a large vitreous opacity in the right eye. The fundus autofluorescent (FAF) images allow one to correlate the color fundus changes with what one would see on FAF pictures. The OCT images show the thin choroid associated with high myopia (red arrows). Stickler syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease characterized by a flattened mid-face, small chin, myopia, lattice degeneration, retinal detachment, hearing loss, and hypermobile joints in youth evolving into arthritis in later life.