The Retina Reference

Retinitis Pigmentosa - Presentation through Fundus Autoflourescence and OCT

This is a montage of the right eye of a 42 year-old male patient with retinitis pigmentosa. The color optos photograph shows the characteristic bone spicule pigmentation (blue arrow). The yellow arrows on the fundus autofluorescence (FAF) image highlight areas of dead retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). The red arrows on the FAF highlight areas of sick RPE which have excess amounts of lipofuscin. Over time these areas evolve into hypoautofluorescent zones as the RPE atrophies. The ellipsoid zone, outer nuclear layer, and RPE are atrophic in the areas indicated by the green arrows in the OCT image. At the turquoise arrows the ellipsoid zone and photoreceptor layers remain intact, corresponding to the 10 degree central island of retained central vision (purple arrow).