The Retina Reference

This site is intended to serve patients with retinal diseases. Some retinal diseases are uncommon, and patients may have trouble finding information and answers to their questions. Other diseases, such as macular degeneration, are common, and much information is printed and broadcast about these, but much of it is incorrect or tainted by marketing influences. This website is devoted to providing information on the uncommon diseases and correcting misconceptions and providing a balanced view for the publicized common ones. You can read information documents, look at photographs, view educational videos, and ask general questions about retinal conditions. This site is not intended to provide specific medical advice, which depends on the details of each patient's history and examination findings. Patients are encouraged to see their own retina doctors for these needs. All users are welcome to download any materials proving useful to them.

Permission to reproduce images depends on the image. Many have not been published, and these are free for anyone to reproduce and use as desired. Some have been published by the website author in books. Permission to reproduce these is required from the publisher. Please send a request regarding a specific image through the Contact Us link and a response will be sent to you.