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Vitreous Hemorrhage secondary to Prepapillary Venous Loop

This 60-year - old woman complained of seeing a vertical, vein - like image that shifted in her right eye for approximately two years. In the past 3 weeks, she noted that it appeared to be getting closer to her central field of vision three weeks. She noted no change in visual acuity. On examination, her visual acuity was 20/20 in both eyes. The slit lamp exam was normal with early cataracts in each eye. The fundus exam showed bilateral prepapillary venous loops. The view to the right optic disc was obscured by vitreous hemorrhage (teal arrows). The macula, vessels, and periphery of the right eye were normal. The left fundus was normal with the exception of the prepapillary venous loop. The patient was advised that the blood would go away and no treatment is needed. She was asked to return if needed and referred back to her primary eye care provider.