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Multifocal Choroiditis and Panuveitis - Fluorescein Angiogram

This fluoresceine angiogram, is of the 11 year old female, first described in the previous link. Note the optic disc (red arrow), and the profuse leakage of dye from the disc, associated with the vitritis from the large amount of inflammation. The patient was sent to a uveitis specialist, to possibly begin treatment with prednisone to taper down the inflammation. In addition to the massive disc leakage, sometimes, a neovascular component is found in this condition. There is a suspicious area just inferior to the macula, which could require injections of intravitreal Avastin. Note the frame which shows an enlarged area of the macula, about three minutes post dye injection. The area of question does fill but with no leakage, which makes it a dry scar.