The Retina Reference

Hemorrhagic Choroidal Detachment

These are color fundus photos of a 74- year old woman, who presented with a new hemorrhage in the left eye. Her vision has been hand motion (HM) in the left eye for the past 13 years after several retinal detachment repairs. Patient noted pain in and around the left eye for about 2 weeks. Upon examination, massive subretinal hemorrhage was found (green arrows in frames A and B) throughout the left eye, along with extensive subretinal scarring from the past surgeries (black arrows). Along with the hemorrhages, a large elevated choroidal mass was also found (the purple arrows in frame C show the elevation of the mass). It was determined through ultrasound that this mass is a hemorrhagic choroidal detachment. This correlates with the pain the patient was experienced. Observation was recommended given the poor prognosis for any improvement in vision with intervention.