The Retina Reference

Eccentric Disciform Lesion with Reticular Pseudodrusen

This wide - angle color fundus photograph comes from the left eye of an 87-year-old female patient with macular degeneration. The macula shows reticular pseudodrusen (pink arrow), but the visual acuity was 20/20. Her complaint was seeing balls of light in the nasal peripheral visual field. Corresponding to this complaint, there was an eccentric disciform lesion in her left eye with fresh, red subretinal hemorrhage (teal arrows). The yellow arrow highlights older, dehemoglobinized blood from an earlier hemorrhage. In some cases with breakthrough bleeding into the vitreous cavity, a vitrectomy is needed. In this case, no vitrectomy was needed as the vitreous was uninvolved. Instead, explanation of the situation and watchful waiting were advised. Over the subsequent 2 months no further complaints have been registered.