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Central Serous Retinopathy - Various Treatments

I have Suffered from central serous retinopathy for 2years . Often I am OK but sometimes I have a serious visual impairment. I have been test by both optical coherence tomography and fluorescein angiography. Results show that there are many fluorescent spots that do not allow my doctor to do laser photocoagulation. One Doctor said that an injection must be done and another recommended using acetazolamide pills and ketorolac drops. Do you have any information that might help me?


If you have central serous retinopathy and cannot have argon laser treatment because there are too many leaky spots on the fluorescein angiogram, an effective treatment is photodynamic therapy in which a medicine called verteporfin is injected into an arm vein over ten minutes and then a non-burning laser is used to excite the medicine, which can stop the leakage of fluid under your retina. Your doctor can tell you if this is available in your geographic region. Occasionally an injection of bevacizumab is helpful too. This medicine is injected into the eye after the surface is numbed with anesthetic solution and sterilized with betadine. Acetazolamide and ketorolac are not generally recognized to be effective agents in treating this disease. Try to avoid steroids which can make central serous retinopathy worse, and do your best to reduce stress, which has been correlated with worsening of the disease.