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Vitreomacular Traction-Case involving both eyes with spontaneous resolution

Longitudinal follow-up of SD-OCTs showing vitreomacular traction syndrome in a 69-year old male. Patient originally presented in September of 2012 with blurred and distorted vision OD. His OCT shows a tenting of the macula (blue circle), being pulled up by traction from the vitreous (red arrow). Observation was recommended instead of vitrectomy. Patient presented 6 months later in 2013 with a spontaneous resolution of symptoms in the right eye. You can see in the blue circle, the vitreous has released and the macula has returned to its normal morphological state. One year later, the patient presented with similar symptoms of blurred vision in the left eye. Upon examination, vitreomacular traction was observed in the left eye, shown by the red circle. Again, observation was recommended, in hope that spontaneous resolution would happen again, as it did in the right eye.