The Retina Reference

Laser Burn

These are photographs from a 42 year old female with laser burn trauma of the left eye. The patient was a nurse in a dermatology clinic operating a laser to remove a tattoo. She removed her protective goggles and was exposed to the laser when it activated. She had immediate onset of a dark spot centrally in the left eye. Panel A are pictures taken the afternoon of the incident. Notice the lesion with a small hemorrhage (yellow arrow) left by the laser on the color fundus. Additionally, the OCT shows a small foveal detachment and a hyporeflective zone in the choroid under the fovea (blue arrows). Panel B are pictures taken a month after the incident. You can see on the OCT that the hemorrhage and edema are resolving and the scarring is getting smaller (blue arrows). The visual acuity improved from 20/50 at presentation to 20/32 -1 at follow-up.