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Optic Neuropathy - Ischemic Optic Neuropathy with Disc Edema

Above are fundus and visual field images of a 58-year-old male with ischemic optic neuropathy in his right eye. This disease is characterized by disc edema associated with vision loss. His initial best corrected vision was 20/25 in the right and 20/20 in the left. His left optic disc was normal as was his visual field (green arrows). In the color fundus photograph of his right eye, blurring of the superior optic disc margin is from ischemic swelling (yellow arrow). A choroidal nevus is present, but was not associated with ischemic optic neuropathy (blue arrow). A 24-2 visual field test confirmed an inferior altitudinal defect in his right eye vision (red arrow). Within a month, his vision in the right eye had decreased from 20/25 to 20/100 while his left eye remained at 20/20.