The Retina Reference

Central Retinal Artery Occlusion with Sparing of the Cilioretinal Artery

78 year old male, presenting with symptoms of a "blue veil" over his right eye, lasting for 3 days then resolving. Visual acuity was measured at 20/32 right and 20/20 left. Supratemoral and Inferonasal field cuts were found along with an apharent papillary defect (APD). Fundus exam revealed a cherry red spot in the macula, ischemia of the outer retina, but a well supplied cilioretinal artery; the reason for 20/30 vision. The fluoresceine angiogram below shows the well perfused cilioretinal artery supplying the macula (green circle), but the central artery with no fill from the fluoresceine at 32 seconds. The second frame shows again the well oxygenated retina from the cilioretinal artery (green arrows) and even at almost 3 minutes in, still non‐perfused arteries (red arrows).